South African based musician Canaan Nyathi steals the show at gospel festival

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South African based musician Canaan Nyathi steals the show at gospel festival Canaan Nyathi


Bubelo Moyo

When one sees Canaan Nyathi pulling up in his 2018 electronic BMW roadster i8, it is easy to confuse him for socialites such as Prophet Passion Java and Wicknell Chivayo, but that confusion quickly evaporates when he opens his mouth to sing for the Lord. 

The Umusa hitmaker, who performed at the Worship Festival at Family of God Auditorium last Thursday, lived up to expectation as he put up a first-rate performance. The festivity saw Nyathi sharing the stage with Anele Sabani (South African), Vocal Ex, Nceku, Mai Mwamuka, Lorraine Maplanka Stot, Siza, Faith Mucha and many more local gospel artistes.

“It was such an honour to perform in front of my own people. It is our wish to make the Worship Festival an annual celebration in a way to unite souls through music,” said Nyathi.

“Working with these talented fellow artistes was such a blessing, I have learnt a lot especially in working with Zimpraise,” he said. 

In October last year, the songster told B-Metro Entertainment that he was planning to organise an event which would give local artistes a meet and share musical ideas session.

“Not so long from now I will be rubbing shoulders with the local talent in a way to help them reach my bar,” said Canaan at the time.

The singer has found his fortune in South Africa as a singer and businessman. He has invested in the music industry by opening a stable called Canaan Nyathi Music Co and owns the Canie Junior Fire and Security System Private Limited (RSA).

The hit Umusa released in 2018 became the gospel national anthem and the musical piece found favour not only in South Africa. “The song title means grace upon grace, it’s an expression of how I’m grateful for God’s mercy towards myself, having the audience sing along, humbles me the most as they relate to the lyrics,” said Canaan.

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