Son hits mum with pot

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Son hits mum with pot A pot with rice. Image taken from Asian cooking


Danisa Masuku
A ROWDY and drunk stepson ran berserk, hit his stepmother with a pot and threw stones at her.

Dingani Dube (23) came home shortly after 9.30 pm and found his step mother, Precious Moyo (38) watching TV. It is said that he got his supper and after eating he headed to the toilet and that’s when the trouble started. His mother told him not to use all the water in the bucket but he used all of it, sparking an argument.

His step mother quizzed him over why he used all the water and he just picked a pot with rice and hit her on the head.

As if that was not enough, he dashed to the yard and picked stones before raining them on her, said the source.

Moyo sustained injuries to her head and arms.

Mpilo Central Hospital

She bled from her head and was rushed to Mpilo Central Hospital for medical attention.

Dingani was arrested.

Bulawayo police spokesperson Inspector Abednico Ncube confirmed the incident.

Inspector Abednico Ncube

This incident comes hot on the heels of a similar incident where an unfortunate stepmother Nomalanga Nkomazana (23) was knifed by her 14-year-old stepson after she sat him down and quizzed him over why he was in the habit of coming home late.

After stabbing her the minor fled from the scene, leaving her in a pool of blood. He was later arrested.

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