Son drenches mum with paint…Beats and tries to evict her in drunken stupor

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Son drenches mum with paint…Beats and tries to evict her in drunken stupor


Danisa Masuku
In a fit of rage a disobedient son would hurl insults at his mother and splash her with paint on her face and beat her while demanding that she moves out of his father’s house.

Kudakwashe Motsi from Pumula South suburb would come home in a drunken stupor from a booze in the wee hours of the morning.

He would insult his mother Eritha Midzi while demanding that she vacates his father’s house and return to her paternal home.

At the height of the argument, Motsi would grab his mother by the throat and hit her with fists.

He would then reach for a 20-litre bucket full of paint and take some with a container and pour it on her face.

Motsi, who most of the times would be doing that under the influence of alcohol, would shout at his mother, labelling her a troublesome person.

He would also run berserk in the house and destroy her kitchen wares, which include plates and pots.

Fearing that her son would end up killing her, Midzi sought legal intervention at Western Commonage civil court.

“I’m applying for a protection order against my son Kudakwashe Motsi. Whenever he is from a beer binge he would wake me up and insult me while accusing me of not vacating my matrimonial house. He would grab me by the throat and hit me all over the body with fists.

“After I fall to the ground he would reach for a 20-litre bucket and take some paint with any container that would be in his reach and pour it on me,” said the heart-broken Midzi.

Midzi went on: “Kudakwashe would dash to the kitchen and destroy plates and pots while saying he is fixing me for refusing to move out of the house.

“He would be shouting on top of his voice while disturbing my tenants.

“May the court assist me by chucking him out of my house and he must stop insulting me and assaulting me and destroying my property.”

The presiding magistrate Jeconia Ncube granted Midzi a protection order against her son.

Kudakwashe was ordered not to physically and verbally assault his mother. He was also ordered to stop destroying her kitchen utensils.

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