Socialite youth speak on Youth Day

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Socialite youth speak on Youth Day Asaph


Bubelo Moyo

Today marks 168 days since the former President Robert Gabriel Mugabe died and the nation alongside the born-free youths will take time to enjoy and commemorate his legacy through the National Youth Day.

Inherited from the 21st February movement, which was a dedication to the former President whose birthday fell on the day, the Government declared it the National Youth Day.

The Zanu-PF Youth League resolved to honour the former President in acknowledgement of his unparalleled, visionary, persistent and principled leadership and his contribution towards peace, tranquillity and harmony prevailing among the people of Zimbabwe. 

Sandra Ndebele and Mzoe7

On announcing the holiday in November 2017, President Mnangagwa said the former President needed to be given the respect and recognition he deserved as one of the founders and leaders of Zimbabwe.

 “To me personally, he remains a father, mentor, comrade-in-arms and my leader,” he said.

21 February came as a surprise to many, as most socialites interviewed by B-Metro Entertainment proved to be clueless about the calendar day set apart for the young people of Zimbabwe.

“Anything for the youth, if it’s a holiday we’ll just chill and celebrate, but honestly I don’t know what we’ll be celebrating because I’m non-partisan,” said Cal_Vin.

The vibe is the correct maker, Asaph wishes to see more young leaders taking a stand in crucial decision making positions in the country.

“I hope the Youth Day will be used to provide opportunities for us as youths, to put young people into positions of making influential decisions that can actually shape our future.

“As for the 21st of February that is Mugabe day — we are just commemorating someone who was part of our lives for a long time,” said Tafadzwa “Asaph” Tarukwana.

“The National Youth Day is a day for young people to celebrate our forefathers and Mugabe who brought independence. Also it’s a day for youths to encourage each other in doing what is right,” said Sandra Ndebele.

To Mzoe 7, youth day is not a one-day thing, as the muso is well-known for motivating young people in schools and donating to the needy.

“I celebrate the youths daily, most townships in Bulawayo know that we try and do anti-drugs initiatives, life skills, music, sports, only to mention a few so as to make sure the youths are always empowered mentally and a bit financially. I urge corporates, communities, the Government and the elders to take note of the youths for we are the tomorrow — they should help us mould ourselves, empower, inspire so that tomorrow is secure,” he said.

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