SLIZ summer camp on next week

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SLIZ summer camp on next week


Raymond Jaravaza

THE annual three-day management summer camp organised by the Sport Leaders Institute of Zimbabwe (SLIZ) will run from 6-8 December in the resort town of Nyanga. 

Last year a record number of delegates attended the SLIZ symposium in which the organisation broke the 400 mark, a record attendance in the last five years.

With sport increasingly becoming scientific, SLIZ has been largely credited with bringing developmental issues to the fore, with sports practitioners from the grassroots levels to highest echelons of sports administration and management taking part in the organisation’s camps.

SLIZ president Russel Mhiribidi said the continued support the organisation has been receiving from participants that include sports teachers, coaches, representatives from Premier Soccer League clubs, sports directors from colleges and universities among others was an endorsement by the sporting community on the important roles the organisation plays in developing sport.

“The current sports leader should be able to fit anywhere in line with existing global trends and SLIZ is making it possible through summer camps and other engagements that we hold periodically. 

“This time we might not be able to beat the 400 mark, a record number of participants that we had at the 2018 summer camp but it will not stop us from having fruitful and engaging discussions on issues affecting the sport industry in the country,” said Mhiribidi.

SLIZ has in the past had presentations on how to incorporate the scientific perspective and models most relevant to managing sport and physical activity organisations as well as functions of sport management at their camps.

In addition, the organisation has been at the forefront of castigating the rampant scourge of age cheating, especially in schools sport. 

Delegates will not only be concentrating on idea sharing, but participate in sport tourism as well.

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