Side chick tells married woman to leave husband 

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Side chick tells married woman to leave husband  Photo Credit: Getty Images


Danisa Masuku

Perseverance Khumalo from Emganwini suburb is living in fear because her husband’s side chick wants to kick her out of her marriage as she often phones her threatening to kill her and sends her abusive texts.

Khumalo is subjected to insults, confrontations and sadly she is staring at death because her husband’s girlfriend-Melisa Ncube- vows to kill her if she does not desert her husband.

The distraught Khumalo said: “Since I discovered that my husband is cheating on me with Melisa my life has become a bitter episode because Melisa is in the habit of sending me abusive texts insulting me saying I have to leave her husband.”

She added: “I have asked myself a question about why I should move out because I’m legally married to him and my husband has never hinted at divorcing me. As far I know he loves me.”

Khumalo continued and said Melisa had plunged her life into fear and depression.

“Your worship in one of the texts that she sent me Melisa threatened to kill me if I don’t walk out on my marriage. She sends the messages any time of the day and at night. And that has caused me so much pain and depression and I now live in fear of being killed by her. She usually confronts me at my home and she would shout at me in the presence of our children,” she told the court.

Khumalo applied for a peace order.

By her admission Melisa said she goes to Khumalo’s place to visit her lover (Khumalo’s husband).

The presiding magistrate Shepherd Mnjanja granted Khumalo a peace order which compels Melisa not to text Khumalo and not to threaten to kill her or visit her at home.

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