Should I stop taking my medicine?

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Should I stop taking  my medicine? ARV drugs


Dear Doctor .
I GREET you in the name of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ!! I tested HIV positive in 2012. I have been taking ARVs since then. A friend of mine then told me of this church where people are getting help. I went there recently and I felt that the spirit of God was really working in that church.

The Man of God prayed for me and told me that I had been healed in Jesusa�� name. In the same church there were some crippled people who were also healed and they folded their wheelchairs and threw away their crutches. I feel like throwing away my bottles of medicines because I am feeling fit. Even the Man of God said it is no longer necessary to continue taking my medicines. Should I stop taking my medicines? a�� Confused Believer

Dear Believer

There is no reason for you to be confused. Our God is a wonderful God indeed and He is a God of miracles but remember the story in the Bible which explains how Jesus healed the blind man? He made some mud and used it to cover the mana��s eyes. Then the man was made to see. Much as we may believe in miracles, the physical bit is necessary.

Continue praying and believing but continue taking your medicines. You were diagnosed as HIV-positive at a health institution. Only qualified personnel from a health institution should tell you that you no longer have HIV and no one else. This can only happen after you have gone through a repeat HIV test (Antibody Test or DNA PCR test) not a Viral Load. Many have been fooled and confused by viral load tests which may show an undetectable viral load if someone is on antiretroviral therapy and is responding well to treatment.

Please understand that antiretroviral medicines do not cure HIV but suppress viral multiplication to undetectable levels. Having an undetectable viral load does not mean that you are completely cured of HIV infection but it means that you are responding well to treatment and you should continue with good adherence. Do not be a victim of faith healing. Do not stop praying. Do not stop taking your medicine!! Prayer should complement treatment but not replace it.


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