Shock as woman gives birth to a “pig”

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Shock as woman gives birth to a “pig”


Michael Magoronga

A Gokwe woman shocked all and sundry after she delivered a baby with features of a pig in a case the community has strongly linked to witchcraft.

Essina Ncube (35) of Area Sikwiti under Chief Chireya in Gokwe, reportedly gave birth to a child with features of a pig from the waist up while the bottom part had human features.

The baby, with teeth resembling those of a pig, died a few days after birth.

According to sources, Ncube was suspected to have been bewitched by a neighbour, whose name could not be ascertained, after an argument involving the said neighbour’s pigs.

“Her pigs were in the habit of roaming around freely causing havoc in people’s gardens. So Ncube approached her to complain and it did not go down well with the neighbour leading to a confrontation. Days later, Ncube gave birth to this thing,” said a source.

Chief Chireya confirmed the case saying the woman who was pregnant at the time, had an altercation with a neighbour days before delivery.

“I am reliably informed that the woman in question had an argument with a neighbour involving pigs. The pigs belonging to the said neighbour were roaming around freely and destroying the woman’s garden. But a few days later she went into labour and gave birth to that creature,” said Chief Chireya.

He said villagers could not stand the sight of the scary baby and confirmed that it later died.

“It was so scary that villagers could not look at it twice. Yes, the baby later died after some days and it has already been buried. We are still in shock as to what this world is turning into,” said the traditional leader.

He said the community was still trying to come to terms with the incident.Shock as woman gives birth

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