Shock as 76-year-old rapes 6-year-old girl

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Shock as 76-year-old rapes 6-year-old girl


Danisa Masuku

A 76-YEAR-OLD man from Bulawayo’s Nketa suburb left residents shocked after he dragged a 6-year-old pupil into his bedroom and raped her without protection.

The man cannot be named so as to protect the identity of the minor.

A family relative who requested anonymity said the elderly man saw the victim with her friend who is doing Grade Two at a local school and requested the minor to assist him.

“He is a respected man in the community, as a result when he requested the victim to assist him nobody had any suspicion. She assisted him in carrying the tool box to his home,” said the relative.

The relative went on to say when the two got home, the elderly man dragged the unsuspecting minor into his bedroom.

“He sternly warned the minor not to scream and threatened to kill her if did so. He undressed her and raped her once without protection. After raping her he once again threatened to kill her if ever she told anyone about the ordeal,” said the relative.

The source said the minor who was limping left for her family home. The source said the mother of the child noticed abnormality in the minor’s walk and questioned her.

“After a day her mother asked her why she was limping and she revealed that she was raped by the elderly man. She quickly made a police report leading to the arrest of the elderly man, ”said the source.  

Bulawayo Police Spokesperson Inspector Abednico Ncube confirmed the incident: “It’s unreasonable for a 76-year-old man to rape a six-year-old child. We are appealing to churches, charity organisations, and resident associations to join hands in fighting this demon that is tormenting the society,” he said. 

He urged victims to seek medical attention within 72 hours after being raped so as to be given Post-Exposure Prophylaxis to prevent contracting HIV virus. 

The 76-year-old man is set to appear in court for a rape charge. 

Cases of rape are on the surge in Bulawayo, recently a mentally challenged 33-year-old woman was raped by a neighbour without protection. 

The matter came to light after the aunt of the victim noticed her tummy bulging.

The matter was reported to the police leading to the arrest of the neighbour.

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