Shebeleza: I’m not dead!

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Shebeleza: I’m not dead! Doc Shebeleza


Reporters raced to Doc Shebeleza’s home to investigate claims that he had died.

But it found the kwaito legend having his seven colours Sunday lunch with his family.


“As you can see. I’m alive and well.”

The Gets Getsa hitmaker said he started getting calls from people who feared for the worst after rumours went around that he was dead.

When the SunTeam went to his home in Fairlands in Joburg, where Doc Shebeleza was chilling with his family, he was playing with his child in the yard.

“You are here. You can see for yourself. I’m here, I’m healthy and I’m still sexually active,” said Shebeleza, whose real name is Victor Bogopane.

He said the rumour worried many people, especially close friends and family.

“A friend called my manager wishing us a happy new year. Later, Mdu Masilela called my friend asking about my whereabouts and told him about the news I had died.”

He said he told them he was okay and there was nothing wrong with him.

“I said I’d not been admitted to any hospital anywhere, I hadn’t been in an accident, and that I was with my family and about to have lunch,” he said.

He said he was concerned that such rumours would make people panic.

“What if there was a devoted fan with a heart condition who heard this rumour? Somebody could die!” he said, laughing.

He said the person who started the rumour was not his God and won’t decide his fate.

“It’s only God who can decide when I’ll die,” he said.

Doc, who hasn’t been very active musically for some time, said he wasn’t planning to release any music anytime soon.

He said he was continuing with African Musicians Against HIV/Aids, building houses for the poor and for child-headed households.

Doc is not the first celebrity to be “killed” before his time.

Last year in June, Daily Sun reported Israel Zulu, the Ghetto Professor, was tired of dying at the hands of gossipers and liars. He also was alive and well and nothing was wrong with him.

He previously said: “I met a man who got frightened when he saw me and asked if I was a ghost.”

In 2017 singer Sthembiso Fakude, known as Mroza, rose to prominence after his song Sobulala uVan Damme became the song of the year.

In a radio interview he confirmed that he was a bit sick, but that he was not dead.

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