Sex hungry man is an angry man

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Sex hungry man is an angry man Austine Soko


Melissa Chekwa
A married man from Luveve has reportedly turned to abusing his wife in the presence of their children after she slapped him with a sex ban.

Austine Soko who has been denied sex by his wife couldn’t take away his frustrations anywhere else except to send the energy back to his wife Skhunjuliwe Soko.

“He insults me using vulgar language in front of our children, he physically, sexually, emotionally and economically abuses me as he doesn’t want me to be employed,” said Skhunjuliwe.

She said the abuse she was receiving from her husband was affecting their two children who are aged 17 and 13 years old.

“The constant fights are emotionally affecting the children. At times he (Austine) verbally abuses them for no apparent reason,” said Skhunjuliwe.

It seemed the marriage between the two was getting strained as Skhunjuliwe was tired of not being free to work and receiving different forms of abuse from her husband. On the other hand, Austine was also tired of the continuous strain of the sex ban.

He bared his heavy heart before Western Commonage magistrate Urgent Vundla as he asked for advice on what he could do when his wife refused to grant him his conjugal rights.

“What should I do? Whenever I touch her in our bed she always pushes away my hand and tells me straight to my face that she doesn’t want to have sex with me,” said Soko.

Skhunjuliwe pleaded with Vundla to grant her a protection order as she feared that her husband might end up hurting her.

She was granted an interim protection order and Austine was cautioned to refrain from emotionally, verbally, physically, sexually and economically abusing his wife.

“Anywhere you go, sex is the foundation of any marriage. I would advise you to work on that part of your marriage,” said the magistrate.

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