Sex freak wife brings lovers home for backyard quickies

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Sex freak wife brings lovers home for backyard quickies


Gibson Mhaka

While some women are so good at maintaining a double-life, a deeply-troubled Bulawayo man, John Sauramba said his wife Eppie Sauramba could not cover her tracks that well.

A hurt John from Burnside suburb described his adulterous wife as a tight-fisted control freak obsessed with sex claiming she was in the habit of bringing her “string” of boyfriends home and allegedly had the audacity of romping with them in their backyard.

John said he was also deeply troubled by his wife’s extra marital affairs as she would receive phone calls from her different boyfriends in the middle of the night.

This is contained in court papers which were obtained at the Bulawayo Civil Court in which he was seeking a restraining order against his wife. In the papers John gave subtle signs that his wife was indeed a serial sleep-around sexual athlete.

“My wife engages in sexual acts with her boyfriends at a park in the backyard (of our house). Her boyfriends call her in the middle of the night. She also sold our matrimonial property without my consent. She also goes out at night to drink with her friends without my knowledge,” narrated John.

So unbecoming was Eppie’s behaviour that John said she once appeared in the B-Metro’s social scene pages while “intimately” dancing with another man.

Although, it dates back to 2017, John angrily sought to confront his wife with the evidence of her past infidelity in the court.

“In 2017 she appeared in the B-Metro dancing with a coloured man. She is being ill-influenced by her two other churchmates who themselves have failed marriages.

“Worst of all, she has hidden from her blood brother some crucial information for over 40 years. I then fear to imagine how much of similar toxic information she could be hiding from me. Every time I want us to discuss these issues and other family matters, she would threaten me with arrest. She will be accusing me of violating contents of a protection order that was granted against me in her favour in 2017,” said John.

He said his wife’s behaviour towards him was simply because he refused to bow down to her demands which he, however, didn’t state in his papers.

A disturbed John who claimed his wife’s alleged adulterous behaviour was emotionally tormenting him didn’t come to court to corroborate his claims leading the presiding magistrate Nomasiko Ndlovu to strike the matter off the roll.

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