Seagirl’s debut album on the pipeline

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Seagirl’s debut album on the pipeline Seagirl Novuyo


Bubelo Moyo

It’s a love project . . . Money in my purse has no place in it! — Novuyo Seagirl

For the seasoned femcee Seagirl, quitting was never an option and she is proving her critics wrong — “The way you make me feel, is a love song from my lit debut album in the creation titled, Love, bitter and sweet,” affirms Seagirl. 

The bold and valiant young blood House music crown head Novuyo Seagirl nicknamed the Boo-girl in social circles has kept a cool head and proved paramount after all the boos she got slapped with lately, but somehow she attests her prowess with a crispy fresh soundtrack from her debut album which is in the oven.

“A lot has happened in my musical journey this year, fans not showing love sometimes but that was just a passing phase and for this festive season I have a gift for my fans which I couldn’t keep any longer to myself.

“A debut album titled, Love, bitter and sweet which is definitely a love project still in the making, yet to be released maybe early next year and therefore I have released one track from the project titled; The way you make me feel,” she said.

In the mystery project, Seagirl unleashes the sweetheart vibes and it is not amazing that the songstress has no vision of including the emotion driven track; Money in my purse which she also perceives as a diss track.

Money in my purse is not part of the album because this is a happy project, no bad vibes,” said the songster. 

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