Seagirl stages major come back

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Seagirl stages major come back Seagirl


Melissa Chekwa

“I know I may be nothing now but I will be something tomorrow,” said Novuyo Seagirl at the ZITF shutdown concert following the boos that came from her audience.

True to her words indeed Seagirl came back stronger as her “tomorrow” came sooner than expected. She received two awards at the Bulawayo Arts Awards for Outstanding Female Artist and Song of the Year — A.E.I.O.U. 

“I am so humbled. These awards are a sign that my work is being recognised and people are beginning to appreciate,” she said.

Rocking the stage, the award winner moved the audience on Tuesday at the Umdala Wethu concert at White City Stadium where she performed alongside other great artistes.

As promised she brought out her “A” game to the stage and gave a dazzling performance of her A.E.I.O.U hit song that motioned the crowd to move to her rhythm.

The crowd cheered, screamed and gave a resounding applause when she mentioned her achievement that took her off her feet at the weekend. 

The artiste, who has learned to go with the flow and mood of her different audiences, was glad that the concert turned out great. 

She highlighted that the criticism she got from her prior audiences was a tool for her growth to build her up.

“But hey, I am glad this time it was on a positive note! I am also learning to study my audience all the time. It’s a process I am learning to handle as well,” she added.

Above all the artiste was glad that she did not give up on her career but put in more hard work that was now paying off.

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