Seagirl, Qeqeshiwe certified sound engineers

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Seagirl, Qeqeshiwe certified sound engineers Qeqeshiwe Mntambo


Langalakhe Mabena

Award-winning artistes Novuyo Seagirl and Qeqeshiwe “Qeqe” Mntambo are now certified sound and audio engineers after they completed a three months training course with an organisation called #SisNxtGen.

The main agenda of the organisation is to empower the next generation of female musicians and it has endorsement from Media Arts Zimbabwe (MAZ).

Both artistes enrolled for the certificate on 12 February and graduated on 30 April 2021.

Novuyo Seagirl said she enrolled on the course so as to empower herself.

She revealed the course equipped her with many skills that would see her realising her dream of opening a musical studio to offer other female artistes an opportunity to produce and record music at an affordably.

Novuyo Seagirl peforming at t … ntly ended Bulawayo Arts Awards

“The main idea of me enrolling for this course was because I want to empower myself and understand music composition better.

“Everything is developing as we are in the digital age, and at some point, there will be a moment whereby every musician must be able to record and master their vocals on their own.

“When this opportunity came to me, I took it with both hands because I also have a dream of opening a music studio, so I saw it as a great move that I become equipped with knowledge in as far as music production and mastering is concerned,” said Seagirl.

Qeqeshiwe, who recently shot her first Live DVD recording said she enrolled for the course so as to move with the times.

“Times are evolving and as an artiste you must also evolve especially during this era where things are now done on digital platforms.

Novuyo Seagirl’s certificate

“The knowledge that I got from this course will enable me to understand even more when it comes to music production because as a vocalist, I must be able to understand what effects are needed to perfect my recordings,” said Qeqeshiwe.

Both artistes are among local talented creatives who gave stellar performances at the recently ended second edition of the Bulawayo Arts Festival (BAF).

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