Seagirl back in studio

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Seagirl back in studio Seagirl


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Multi-award winning songstress Novuyo Seagirl is back in studio working on her second full length album which is set to be released before the year ends.

The album titled Love, Bitter and Sweet is inspired by her personal love life.

“I am currently working on my second love album which expresses the bitterness and sweetness sides that I have personally experienced. I am exposing everything from heartbreaks, joy and sadness experiences that my audience can be familiar with,” said Seagirl.

On the offering she is closely working with local artistes including Mzoe 7even and hip-hop artiste Mr Katta.

The A e i o u hit-maker revealed that she tried by all means to make the album different as compared to her previous ground breaking project.

“On my previous album I was specialising more on dance music, this time around I came up with a different flavour and decided to talk about love which is a thematic concern that people from all the walks of life are familiar with.

“It’s a hard task to come up with hit songs but in this project I am sure a lot of songs will take the nation by storm as I was true to myself and honest in sharing my love experiences with my fans,” she said.

As a bonus to the album, Seagirl will be releasing two musical videos of compositions which feature on the album so as to complement her music with visuals, an area that most local artistes are failing to impress on.

Meanwhile, Seagirl featured Harare-based artiste Harmony on a song titled Sorry Kwacho.

“Collaborating with Harare guys is a good challenge because they remove me from the comfort zone and once forces are combined the unexpected is produced,” said Seagirl.

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