School sex scandal probe complete

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School sex scandal probe complete


Gibson Mhaka

THE Ministry of Primary and Secondary Education has completed investigations of a massive sex scandal that hit Mahlothova Secondary School in Umguza District, Matabeleland North amid reports that “appropriate action” will be taken against the teacher at the centre of the alleged abuse.

Investigations were initiated following reports by B-Metro that one Form Three girl dropped out of school after being continuously defiled by one of the teachers who promised to help her pass her studies.

Speaking to B-Metro, Matabeleland North provincial education director (PED) Mr Jabulani Mpofu confirmed that they were done with the investigations.

“I can confirm that we are done with investigations and appropriate action will be taken against the teacher involved. 

“During investigations it was gathered that the teacher in question indeed went to the girls’ hostel drunk and that is not allowed,” said Mr Mpofu.

The sexual abuse allegations by the teacher, whose name is also being withheld, wreaked havoc amid fears that worse could be happening to female pupils at the school’s makeshift boarding facility.

Investigations were carried out after some teachers and pupils at the school who are privy to the alleged sex scandal expressed fears that there were plans to sweep it under the carpet.

The sexual abuse was discovered in October 2018, but was concealed by the school authorities in a bid to save the image of the school. It came to light after the alleged perpetrator was found at the girls’ hostel half-naked at around 10pm looking for the victim.

Realising that the school authorities had turned a blind eye, the girl reportedly stopped coming to school.

It is reported that in March this year, in a bid to conceal the matter and to protect the image of the school, the authorities reportedly coached pupils and teachers close to the matter on what to say before the District Schools Inspector (DSI) Mrs Samkeliso Gwaza and her delegation came to the school to investigate reports of the alleged sexual abuse.

There were also reports that the parents of the girl were pressurised not to report the matter to the police after being promised some form of compensation by the culprit’s family.

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