Sandy challenges female musicians

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Sandy challenges female musicians Sandra Ndebele


Leonard Ncube in Victoria Falls

MULTI-award winning musician Sandra “Sandy” Ndebele has encouraged female musicians to stop being cry babies and work hard to match their male counterparts.

Speaking in a recent interview after a show in Victoria Falls, Sandy said society favours male artistes but female singers have the power to overturn that if they work hard.

“My coming here was meant to raise the bar for female musicians that we can do it alone. Of late we’ve been complaining as female musicians that we’re not headlining big events because promoters think we can’t do it. Planning this show was meant to put myself in that position to see what I can do on my own and having 500 plus fans speaks volumes,” said an elated Sandy.

She said she was convinced that she wowed her fans and would be back for another show after the winter season.

“I didn’t disappoint at all. As female singers, if no one can do it for us, why can’t we do it for ourselves? This was a good weekend for us and I am grateful to the Vic Falls fans as they came in numbers,” she said.

She arrived in Victoria Falls straight from another show in Filabusi more than 400 kilometres away. 

Her Vic Falls show is the last before leaving for a tour of the United Kingdom.

Her show was at Victoria Falls’ Comfort Pub and Grill where she left more than 500 fans asking for more of Life Goes On, Tshaya Tshaya, Ekhaya, Ayoyoyo and No Matter What among others, including singles Lizwile, Tshibilika, Sibali and Bayeke.

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