Sandra Sibanda: Gospel Soul’s new blossoming flower

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Sandra Sibanda: Gospel Soul’s new blossoming flower Sandra Sibanda


Langalakhe Mabena

Her musical and lyrical content sends a healing message that communicates with the heart, it comforts the “soul” and gives hope to the hopeless.

That’s the best way to describe the unmatched Gwanda-based Afro Soul sensation Sandra Sibanda, whose first studio single Umqali Wendaba launch on 11 June, is sending soulful waves on local radio stations.

Umqali Wendaba translates to “The one who starts a dialogue”.

No doubt, she is fresh on the music scene to spark discussions on issues that affect the society in different forms just like the title and the issues unpacked on her latest composition.

Different subjects from women emancipation and brutal killings of children for ritual sacrifices (a common evil practice in Africa), are all neatly weaved together in an open letter to God in form of biblical allusions on Umqali Wendaba.

She explains her sound and style of music composition.

“I’m a soulful gospel artiste whose sound is rooted on culture and poetry. I chose the genre because it brings out the most and maximum of my vocals. I can describe myself as a poet who was given a beautiful voice by God,” said Sandra.

As she is a fulltime registered general nurse at Gwanda Provincial Hospital, her fulltime job has never been a hindrance to her music.

“I enjoy my fulltime job. I try by all means to balance it with my music though it’s a bit challenging. I do music when I am not at work, when I knock off or in-between chores and it’s been working for me,” she said.

Such a flexible schedule has made her able to record her six-track album titled Qoki which will be dropped in the form of singles.

“Qoki” is a metaphor that announces Sandra on the local music scene.

As she successfully released Umqali Wendaba, she will drop follow-up singles including Qoki, Bamba, Amacala, Konakele and Baba Wethu, to complete the album.

“When you visit an African homestead, you say Qoki (Ndebele way of salute upon entry) making them aware that you are outside and you need them to let you in.

“This is a gesture of me announcing myself in the music scene and I want people to accept me the way I am,” said Sandra.

Sandra was born on 16 August 1989 in Silalatshani, Filabusi, Matabeleland South.

She attended primary school at Mahombekombe Primary in Kariba.

She did part of her secondary education at Shingirira High at Jumbo Mine and later transferred to Silalatshani.

She did her Advanced level at Filabusi High.

She wanted to enroll at university to study law. However, lack of funds forced her to pursue nursing.

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