Sand poachers wreak havoc in Bulawayo

26 Nov, 2021 - 00:11 0 Views
Sand poachers wreak havoc in Bulawayo This picture taken at the Methodist Village shows a house that collapsed as a result of sand poaching


Nomthandazo Masuku
A man from Pumula North in Bulawayo was left without a house after sand poachers dug around and under it, resulting in its collapse.

In an interview the man, Freddy Ncube, whose collapsed house is in Methodist village ward 17, said the sand poachers were a law unto themselves.

“We are now living in fear, I no longer feel safe in this room as I sleep with my one eye open wondering if the room will collapse.

“As we speak the boys are there, they are very violent and dig anytime they want. Nothing can be done to them because they are very violent,” said Ncube.

Ncube is appealing for help from community members and councillors to assist him in any way they could to rebuild his house.

The residents are also living in fear as they are being threatened by the sand poachers when they try to stop them.

The leaders of the community have tried to negotiate with them to stop their actions but the efforts have gone in vain as they don’t listen.

“The matter has been reported several times and it now seems like a series as they are always arrested, pay a fine and be released hence they continue with their actions,”  said Councillor Sikhumbulekile Moyo of Ward 17.

The deep pits left by the sand poachers have not only harmed the environment but are a danger to people and livestock. Children and livestock have died after falling into the pits.

The same problem is also faced in other locations such as Luveve and Pumula North, added the councillor.

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