Sana: McHoney’s Soul reflection

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Sana: McHoney’s Soul reflection Lee McHoney


Langalakhe Mabena

She is in the game to make it!

Bulawayo’s fast rising Afro-fusion songstress Linda Nyauchi, affectionately known as Lee McHoney, has proved to be a new force to reckon with as she has landed with a bang, courtesy of her latest album titled Sana.

The seven-track offering, the first under her name, was produced by local beat master Murphy Cubic and it will be officially launched at Jazz Café on August 29.

With most artistes composing music from different inspirations in life ranging from love, happiness and hope to disappointments, the album Sana was inspired and brought to see the day by Lee McHoney’s real life experiences.

She revealed to B-Metro that the offering carries the whole of her.

Sana was inspired by real life issues, which happened in my personal life. It speaks of everything including my daughter and the passion of my mum. 

“All seven songs in the album were inspired by real experiences but Sono Sami is particularly close to my heart because it talks of the judgemental society. Credit should be given to MJ Sings who helped me in the narrative of the stories into the song,” said McHoney.

From her image, one can easily tell she is an African woman who is groomed with the love of a true black mother, unfortunately her life giver didn’t live much to see her daughter becoming the musician she always dreamt to be.

Cancer claimed her life, but she still exists in McHoney’s life, as such the song Lapho’khona was specially penned for her.

“My mum was very strict and she raised me to be as strong as she was and to embrace African beauty and heritage. She lost her battle to cancer but by the time she passed on, I was privileged to have learnt a lot from her.

“Before her death, she knew that I wanted to be a professional musician and she gave me all the blessings, unfortunately she didn’t live to see the person I am becoming on the music scene. Lapho’khona is my remembrance piece to her,” she said.

What keeps McHoney going strong?

Her one and only daughter Zintle who is seven years old motivates the songstress to continue soldiering on and make sure she becomes the best mum in the world.

“My daughter Zintle is my pillar of strength. She is very close to my heart as she was also my mother’s favourite and for the longest time the way my mum treated her was like she was my little sister.

“The love I have for my daughter keeps me going because I want to be the best mum in the world and to achieve that I have to make sure I hustle hard and continue knocking on the doors till they are opened,” said McHoney.

Meanwhile, McHoney was given an opportunity to shine at Cosmopolitan Night Club as she opened the stage for South Africa’s multi-award winning House music couple Sun El Musician and Simmy during the Heroes’ holidays.

As she mesmerised the masses that were in attendance bringing a world class act that was at par with the visiting artistes, the bubbly and ever smiling songbird promised more epic performances.

“The Sun El Musician opening act was just the beginning, fans should expect more energetic and polished performances because I have not stopped in trying to be better all the time,” she said.

McHoney is also known as a “future baby mama with the drama”, because of her nature of being extremely dramatic in a fun way.

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