RoilBAA: Could it be Sikhosana’s moment?

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RoilBAA: Could it be Sikhosana’s moment? Sikhosana


Langalakhe Mabena
Ngizakulimaza nge beat!

These are famous signature lines of one Tshibilika musician Cleopas Sikhosana every time he ends some of his songs and in performances.

As such, Sikhosana who became an internet sensation has charmed many with his “beat” especially in the Matabeleland region and Mzansi with his song Isomiso, a project which he specially penned in raising awareness in the fight against Covid 19.

From the thickest of Matabeleland North’s Nkayi district in Gwampa Village, Sikhosana has become a strong force to reckon with in Bulawayo from securing gigs at big corporate events to clinching a Roil Bulawayo Arts Awards (RoilBAA) nomination from a career which is less than a year.

He is nominated for Outstanding Newcomer Across Board alongside Helen Nyathi, La Dee, Mandie Mae, Preyung and dancing outfit Soul Dudes.

With hopes that his followers have voted for Sikhosana, Madlela Skhobokhobo who is one of the people who went to search and find Sikhosana at his homestead in Gwampa after his video circulated on the internet, said he was grateful for Sikhosana’s nomination.

“I am happy that Ubaba uSikhosana has been nominated at this year’s RoilBAA. This is a sign that he has done something that has made him be recognised among the best in Bulawayo. I wish him all the best,” said Skhobokhobo.

Late last week, Skhobokhobo and journalist Zenzele Ndebele called for donations and assistance from people who are willing to help Sikhosana get a new outfit for the event which has been said in earlier years to be the most prestigious red-carpet affair in Zimbabwe.

Skhobokhobo revealed that people came forward in assisting Sikhosana and they had since found him a suit and he gave thanks to those who lent a hand.

“Last week we called people to assist us in helping Sikhosana to come up with an outfit for the RoilBAA and people have shown love to the goofy timer by donating towards the outfit and we have managed to secure a brand-new suit, shirt and a pair of shoes.

“Thanks, has to be given to Yena and friends from the United Kingdom, Machingura stores in Nkayi and everyone who sent through money towards this initiative umdala uyabe etshenile shame,” said Skhobokhobo.

As the awards are slated for Saturday 28 November at the Bulawayo Large City Hall starting from 4pm, Skhobokhobo revealed that he will be accompanied by Zenzele Ndebele to fetch Sikhosana a day before the awards.

Due to network glitches, Sikhosana’s phone was not available for him to speak to B-Metro showbiz.

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