Roil BAAs shifted to November …corrections to be written

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Roil BAAs shifted to November …corrections to be written Roil Bulawayo Arts Award


Langalakhe Mabena

Local celebrated Roil Bulawayo Arts Awards which were pencilled for 28 August have now been shifted to 6 November. That is according to the official statement by the awards’ organisers.

After local awards, including RoilBAA, were lambasted by artistes and local media drama mills for not paying “adequate” money to winners, the organisers are writing corrections to improve this year’s edition.

By shifting the dates to early November, organisers are buying time to source funds and allow different companies and stakeholders to invest in the awards that celebrate Bulawayo talent, that is, to pay more money to winners, than before.

Also, other genres like theatre which were grossly affected by the “party pooper” Covid-19, will have time to showcase their work for possible nominations.

“The Roil Bulawayo Arts Awards 2021 have been moved from the 28th of August to the 6th of November 2021. This has been necessitated by the need to profile and give time to other genres like theatre which have been grossly affected by Covid.

“After consultation with the sponsors, we also felt we needed more time to be able to come up with an award or awards that could greatly impact on a few winners. We therefore, need more time to see this coming to fruition.

“We will use this time to engage more partners and hopefully, the extension will birth more creative works before we open for nominations and submissions,” said one of the organisers, Nkululeko Nkala, in a statement.

The just ended Bulawayo Arts Festival (BAF), which was experimental in holding shows during the pandemic, has inspired RoilBAA to learn, adjust and take a new shape in light of Covid-19.

More partners are invited to inject funds and sponsorship to improve this year’s edition.

“The awards will also take a new shape this year in light of the presence of Covid-19. Most of the changes will be announced in due course, but one of them is that we will have a few sub events before the actual awards.

Along with our partners, we invite anyone and everyone to partner with us in making the 2021 awards a success,” said Nkululeko Nkala.

The call for nominations has been pencilled in for 02 August 2021.

Works from 31 October 2020 to 01 August 2021 are eligible for nomination.

Artistes can self-nominate and can also be nominated by fans.

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