NAMA should go Back to Harare

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NAMA should go Back to Harare


THERE has been an outcry from Bulawayo artistes over the just ended National Arts Merit Awards, which were held at a local hotel last Saturday,A�who said the event should be held in Harare because Bulawayo artistes were not being recognised for their works. A number of local artistes took to Facebook after Khulekani Bethule aka Khuxxman of the Vumelana�� Sangomahit posted on a Bulawayo musicians group Facebook that the awards had nothing to show for Bulawayo artistes.

a�?I think this event called the Nama awards should just be returned to Harare. Lani lina zinyoka zako Bulawayo elincindezela abafowenu, your time is coming. Yini elilwela ukuthi ama-artistes akithi aphefomele amahala.( You snakes from Bulawayo who are doing down your brothers, your time is coming. You are fighting for our artistes to perform for free),a�? posted Khuxxman. Mothusi Bashimane Ndlovu responded a�?Hahhahahahah ngobani izinyokanyoka. Vele akubuyele lokhu khonale.hayi akusincedi ngaluthoa�?.

(Who are these people. This thing must go back). Jerry Machayaya Zingwevu said: a�?No one ever wins by sabotaging othersa�? Zetdj Byo Zim: a�?Honestly I saw no point yokuthi behostele into yabo here when most of us dona��t get to do anything on the event . . . ngikhulumaas an artiste bhudi.a�? Andy Kamuzu Wamiyaya Banda: a�?Ita��s a Harare event held koByo period.a�? Brian Bethule weighed in saying: a�?Guys its simple, just concentrate on your projects while sourcing some distribution companies in other countries in the region, just distance yourself and forget about such marginal events, ita��s a pity the inequality has spread to the music industry.a�? Zondo S Mitchell added: a�?The journey continues, we have said it before and we will say it once more. We have sell out brothers and sisters among us. Khulekani ukhuluma iqiniso mfana. (you are telling the truth) Unity is called for in our arts sector Mthwakazi omuhle.a�? Khanya Masuku said: a�?The less you show interest in your enemy, the more superior you become but if you continue complaining bazakwenza futhi coz litshengisela ukuthi akuliphathanga and next time bazakwenza kube double because sebewazi ama weakest points enu. Even if you complain its unfortunate that you cana��t change the past but you can change the future now is the time to regroup and strategise. As for those backstabbers who attended I think they dona��t understand their self worth that is why they attended.

Little did they know that before dawn they would go back to their homes with their big tails tucked in between their legs without any accolades. Some guys from this region were nominated just because the HAMA guys wanted to use them as their baits not that they recognise their input in the music industry, but I thought they were going to read between the lines and boycott this.a�? Collin Sambo came in saying: a�?Bulawayo artistes deserve something better than this Nama.a�? .

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