Road rage: Motorist points gun at businessman

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Road rage: Motorist points gun at businessman


Gibson Mhaka
A man from Bulawayo who gave a local businessman a fright after he pulled out a gun in a fit of rage and allegedly pointed it at him before firing into the air while accusing him of dazzling him with his headlights has appeared in court.

Shayne Antony Sissons (46) from Malindela and employed at Tripple Score Mining appeared in court facing two counts of pointing a firearm at another person and recklessly discharging it in a public place.

Sissons, who was not asked to plead, was remanded out of custody to August 12 on $20 000 bail.

Sissons brewed trouble for himself when he allegedly threatened Innocent Siziba (48) from Paddonhurst, who is also the director of Tigercat Private Company Limited, with the firearm during a road rage incident at Hillside suburb.

Sissons, who is licensed to possess the firearm in question, seemed to have abused the privilege of legally owning the dangerous weapon after he got upset that Siziba who was driving behind him was flashing him with his headlights.

Circumstances are that on 24 July, and at around 8pm, Siziba was driving his car along Matopos Road going to his house.

He was following behind a white Ford Ranger that was being driven by Sissons.

Upon arrival near Zuva Service Station at Hillside suburb, Sissons suddenly stopped in the middle of the road and that also prompted Siziba to stop as well.

It is reported Sissons disembarked from his vehicle allegedly holding a gun, a silver 500 calibre revolver.

In the process he was reportedly shouting at the top of his voice accusing Siziba of dazzling him with his head lights.

At the height of the misunderstanding, Sissons is alleged to have pointed the gun at Siziba.

As if that was not enough, it is reported that he also fired one shot in the air.

After the incident, Siziba together with two friends who were also in the car went and reported the matter to the police.

Investigations by the police later led to the arrest of Sissons and the recovery of the firearm which was reportedly hidden in the back seat of his vehicle.

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