Rhumba musician escapes death by angry mob

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Rhumba musician escapes death by angry mob Amkela Masabayi Ncube


Kwanele Khumalo
Amkela Masabayi Ncube, a rhumba musician from Plumtree could have died last week Thursday with the three Zimbabweans and a South African who were killed by a mob in Majeje area in Limpopo for murdering a shop owner and robbing him of an undisclosed amount of money.

Ncube was not going to be killed for robbing and killing 25-year-old Asanap Aneso, he could have died for trying to be a peacemaker as the angry mob was baying for blood.

He had no choice but to flee.

“I was not part of them, I was just trying to appeal on behalf of them, but the mob wanted to stone me as well so I escaped unharmed and I’m safe,” said Ncube.

However, people are not convinced as they believe that Ncube was working with the armed robbers.

“How can one try to appeal to an angry group of people?

He just wants to cover up, he was part of them, we all know that they were his friends,” said one of the witnesses who refused to be named.


The four who were killed are Sipho Sibanda, Aurther Moyo and Sadam Ncube from Zimbabwe and Themba Makhubele from South Africa.

Ncube who is known as Amzoe, his stage name, is an upcoming rhumba musician and he belongs to a group called Eze Energy.

Ncube has since vanished and his whereabouts are still not known.

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