Residents assault fellow resident to death

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Residents assault fellow resident to death


Danisa Masuku

Twelve community members from Pumula’s Methodist village in Bulawayo teamed up and severely assaulted a fellow resident to death on suspicion he was behind a spate of robberies in the community.

A source close to the incident said a resident got wind that the late Nkosiyazi Nyoni (21) was tormenting his fellow residents by stealing from them after that other residents hatched a plan and teamed up to teach the suspect a hard lesson.

“They ambushed him and caught him stealing at one of the fellow residents’ houses. After that they took turns to assault him all over the body with sticks, open hands and a knobkerrie,” said the source.

The source went on to say the now deceased managed to free himself and took to his heels. Determined to make him feel the bitter taste of his own medicine they gave chase and caught up with him before they took turns to pummel him all over the body.

“When they realised he had died, they connived and dragged the lifeless body into a bushy area and dumped it there,” said the source.

One of the 12 members informed a fellow resident about the incident leading to the arrest of the 12 suspects.

Bulawayo police spokesperson Inspector Abednico Ncube confirmed the incident.

He warned residents from taking the law into their hands.

“We advise community members to engage police and not to resort to violence because that leads to unnecessary loss of life,” he said.

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