Red carpet attire stresses artistes

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Red carpet attire stresses artistes Mzoe 7


Keith Mlauzi 

TICK tock, tick tock, the clock is ticking and the countdown to Bulawayo’s biggest dress up event continues. 

People are getting ready to get down and rock the third edition of the Roil Bulawayo Arts Awards (RBBAs). For those nominated, the excitement is now at the highest level and for those who did not get any nominations the excitement is still the same as they are all in a groovy mood for the big day.

B-Metro caught up with some artistes who said they were having a hard time getting the right outfits for the event amid fears they could be arrested by fashion police.  

Hip-hop artiste King BL said getting a good outfit suitable for the red carpet is his biggest worry at the moment. 

“Red carpet events are sophisticated, as an artiste I must go all out for the day. I must have a good looking outfit,” said the rapper. 

Gqom artiste Mzoe7 is also worried about the same fate on what type of clothes he has to put on for the red carpet. 

“This is one event where one has to represent themselves through fashion so as artistes we are the face of the city. We cannot afford to go wrong on that one,” said Mzoe. 

However, the Elliot hit-maker says he is confident he will bring out the best outfit since he is known for making noise with his fashion sense.

“I have always made noise on the red carpet, this year will be no different as I hope to bring out the best and unique fashion style on the day,” he added.

Leading female nominee Novuyo Seagirl says said she is also part of the chariot of those who are not yet certain on what they will wear on the red carpet. 

“I do not know what I will wear as yet but my designer is still trying to come up with three good outfits that I will wear, one for the nominees’ dinner and the other two I will wear at the main event,” she said.

The world over, the red carpet has become a big deal where artistes showcase their fashion tastes. Some have hit the right chord but some have been unfortunate enough to be arrested by fashion police. 

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