‘Recording music expensive’

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‘Recording music expensive’ Master Zhoe


Raymond Jaravaza
MAKING music is an expensive venture that leaves many artistes with huge holes in their pockets but musicians have no choice but to bear the financial brunt to fulfil their dreams, a Gwanda muso has said.

Master Zhoe, a Gwanda-based musician, launched his fifth album in the gold mining town last Saturday.
Titled Gwenyambira, the album features Nicholas “Madzibaba” Zacharia and Zimdancehall musician Bazooka.

The Saturday launch at a Gwanda leisure centre had a line-up that included Madzibaba, Cutie G, Khoi Khoi, Zagoe, Skollah, Zhezhingtons, Kadder and Master Zhoe himself.

Looking back at the financial strain the album left him in, Master Zhoe said recording music was not for the faint hearted.

“Studio time requires a lot of money and it’s even more expensive for young upcoming artistes who are still struggling financially but are so eager to showcase their talents to the world.

“Without going into the exact amounts of money that I spent in making my fifth album, I’ll be honest and say it was very expensive but at the end of the day it was all worth it because the final product is out there for my fans to enjoy,” said Master Zhoe.

The musician explained why most upcoming musicians were forced to release albums with very few tracks.

“It’s not surprising why most of these upcoming artistes release albums with four or three tracks even when they would have written a lot of songs. I’m fortunate to have my own studio so I’m able to call my producer and get into the studio anytime I feel like working on my music,” he said.

Master Zhoe said he avails his studio to local artistes for free as a way of supporting them in their careers.

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