Random comment gives rise to brand

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Random comment gives rise to brand Lady Tshawe (picture credit FMG)


Bubelo Moyo

Just as she was laughing out on a comment from a fan, a brilliant idea struck Nguni prodigy Nomatshawekazi Damasane to convert it into a fashion brand.

Daughter to Reverend Damasane and famously known as Lady Tshawe, the adept artiste can’t get enough of arts, as her wild imagination has been once again exhibited in her fast rising “Ndebele Crush” fashion brand name.

As the norm implies that a brilliant idea isn’t one that you get to sit down and think hard on, but it’s that random one that comes to your mind unforeseen, Lady Tshawe is one artiste to achieve such.

It all began when Lady Tshawe got a random comment from a fellow converser and from that moment she knew that the comment would be vital in changing her career for the better.

“It all started as a joke when someone was like, “Tshawe you are one of my Ndebele crushes” . . . then I realised that it’s deeper than just being someone’s crush, it made me begin to embrace myself as a Ndebele much more.

“Somehow I found myself using that tag which is now a brand in most of my tweets,” said Tshawe.

The tag is not only unique to the Ndebele tribe; the design appeals to all, with the chevron as a common pattern symbolising the nation’s history, dating back to Great Zimbabwe times.

Lady Tshawe has outrightly revealed that the heart of the label is not tribal.

“This is why it’s not by accident that the label has the chevron as part of its design. Chevron is more than just a pattern, it speaks a great deal of history of us as a people,” she said.

Lady Tshawe comes from a rich line of Nguni masterminds, with her father Damasane, well known for his inimitable poetry skills and are strongly clinched to their ancestry.

Ndebele Crush is more than a brand name to the maker, it is her identity.

“We usually take on the identity of the South African Ndebele, but there’s something special about us this side of the Limpopo that I hope the Ndebele Crush brand will make us aware of,” said Lady Tshawe.

The promising brand offers t-shirts and caps, available via their online platforms, with free delivery.

“Very soon we hope to have a shop where you can shop at your convenience,” said Tshawe.

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