Racing fan club pays dividends

18 Dec, 2020 - 00:12 0 Views
Racing fan club pays dividends


Mandla Moyo
THE stance taken by passionate followers of horse racing in the country to form a fan club is finally paying dividends with the club having acquired some racing horses.

Out of this arrangement ZimFun Racing Club, based in Borrowdale, was born through US$100 contributions by all interested horse racing enthusiasts.

According to horse racing analyst Sheldene Chant, writing online, the club would increase the fun as well as see more horses racing at Borrowdale.

“It means more horses for Borrowdale and more people taking an interest to see their horse in action. Last week some people drove from as far as Bulawayo to watch the race at Borrowdale.

“Racing with ZimFun is rapidly gaining momentum and the enthusiasm is infectious. More shareholders will mean more horses, therefore do not miss out, get involved,” wrote Chant.

The push for new members who fancy dipping their toes into the world of horse racing is still ongoing.

Interested horse racing fans can do so by contributing US$100 which covers a full year involvement while during that year no other charges will be demanded.

To show how determined they are ZimFun has just bought its second horse from Cape Town, South Africa.

Last Friday one of their runners Tricky Business brought joy to the members after winning in one of the minor races held on the day.

ZimFun racing came up with this idea following the dwindling of numbers of horses taking part in events held at Borrowdale.

Among some of the aims of the club is to add fun by having a hand in horse racing as well as keeping the sport alive in the country.

For those outside Harare they can follow the action via YouTube as well as get the latest updates on the performance of their horses in training through a WhatsApp group formed by the club.

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