R Kelly wants out of prison . . . says he is sick

03 Oct, 2019 - 20:10 0 Views
R Kelly wants out of prison . . . says he is sick


According to TMZ, the singer’s lawyer filed legal documents that outline medical issues he’s facing behind bars.

This includes numbness on his fingers, anxiety and untreated hernia.

“The lawyer, Steve Greenberg, claims the singer is not receiving adequate medical treatment in the facility and calls the conditions of his confinement ‘stifling’,” read the article.

The documents also ensure that Kelly won’t do anything that’ll mess up the case — he won’t contact any of the witnesses or try to flee the country. The judge is yet to rule.

R Kelly is currently facing 18 federal crimes including obstruction of justice and sex crimes — child pornography, kidnapping and forced labour.

The charges against him include criminal sexual assault and sexual bust in Chicago, USA, prostitution in Minneapolis, USA and racketeering in New York, USA. His first trial in Chicago will be held in April 2020.

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