Qeqe ready to get intimate with fans

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Qeqe ready to get intimate with fans Qeqeshiwe ‘Qeqe’ Mntambo


Langalakhe Mabena
It has been a hectic week for Qeqeshiwe “Qeqe” Mntambo.

She is gearing up to do something she has never done in her career, a live DVD recording.

This is something that she has been yearning for in her career.

Preparing for the recording and seeing it coming to fruition is scary, according to her experiences so far.

It’s like swimming in the Devil’s Pool on the mighty Zambezi Falls, but it’s a process that is better said than done.

Even big Afro Jazz names like South Africa’s Zahara who only has one DVD recording (The Beginning) in her career spanning over a decade, can attest it’s hard to pull your best performance while recording a live DVD.

However, for a person who has been criticised and suffered lack of support in the local sect like Qeqeshiwe, facing her fears is a normal thing.

Seating on a verandah at her residence in Cowdray Park, B-Metro Showbiz catches up with the dreadlocked songbird.

Frustration is written in her face.

“I never thought planning this (live DVD recording) was going to be this challenging. If it was not for my fans who have supported me this far, I could have just given up because this is too much for me.

“This past week has been hectic with rehearsals because I want something solid. I want the audience to eat from the palm of my hand. This show definitely has to be written in history books.

“Ngiyimbokodo (I am a strong woman), I refuse to quit at the last hour,” says Qeqeshiwe.
Being intimate with her fans is the first priority and she promises to give them all of her.

“I will give my all on this day because I want people to get to know the real Qeqeshiwe, my inspiration and the music that I do.

“I want to be remembered for giving my fans good music that heals the soul,” says Qeqeshiwe while one of her songs Ubuyeph’Izolo was playing in the background from her radio set.

If you are a true Qeqeshiwe fan, Ingqungqulu Farm is a place to be on 29 May.

It will be a live DVD recording to remember, an unplugged intimate story that will narrate Qeqeshiwe’s musical journey.

Celebrated comedian Clive Chigubhu will be the host.

Mandelson Banda playing bass, Benjamin Shawa (keys) and Erastus Nleya (drums) will be the main band for the affair.

Pamela Magariro, Thandi Bhala, Thats_X, Ash Bass, DJ Skaiva, Major_Prodi will be the supporting acts.

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