Prophet Freddy silences critics

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Prophet Freddy silences critics Prophet Freddy and Baba Harare


Keith Mlauzi 

GOODNESS and Mercy Ministries (GMM) founder and  charismatic man of God, Prophet Tapiwa Freddy, has silenced critics who have suggested that he was losing the plot as a man of the cloth by engaging secular artistes into his music projects. 

The preacher, who is famed for “spiritual spectacles miracles” courted criticism from his legion of fans with some people suggesting that he was descending into the ways of some controversial prophets who seem to have had so much love for worldly things than the Holy Spirit. 

Freddy who has just released a video – Chikuru kudzoka– featuring jiti musician Baba Harare of the Hat Yemurara fame starring female comedian Gonyeti has justified why he is working with people in a parallel industry. 

The video talks of a man who leaves his family for a job hunt in the city. His mission fails to bear fruit and when he decides to go back to the village he is received with a warm welcome by his wife who understands the predicaments her husband encountered but rejoices for his return.

“Baba Harare is a member of my church, he comes to church a lot and I have been very influential in his music career so I see no reason why I can’t work with him,” said Prophet Freddy.

On working with comedian Gonyeti who has been making  jokes that are not in line with an ideal Christian community, Prophet Freddy said his aim was to reach out to different people from all walks of life.

“The gospel is not for a selected few people but for everyone, so all I’m doing is taking the gospel everywhere to everyone,” said Prophet Freddy adding that he used to act before he took up full-time clerical duties.

The prophet said he would not be like other “men of God” who have isolated themselves from people and have appeared to be flashy because it’s something he wasn’t gifted with. 

“I am not a flashy man. I would like to relate with everyone. Hence in some music videos I appear to be dressed like a comedian,” he said.

Prophet Freddy is working on a musical project which will feature other gospel artistes such as Mathias Mhere. 

He has been involved in music since 2002. His other previous releases include Mesiya (2002), Serevende (2006) and 100 Percent Prophetic (2016). His music has received generous airplay on local radio stations.

Gospel songbird, Fungisai Zvakavapano-Mashavave once faced similar criticism when she incorporated Zimdancehall beats in her gospel music. She, however, defended herself saying she had not come to join the Zimdancehall bandwagon, but to sanitise the genre which had been “associated with violence, drug abuse and obscenities”.

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