Precious Melodies in live DVD album

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Precious Melodies in live DVD album


Danisa Masuku 

A Bulawayo-based gospel outfit, Precious Melodies, recorded a live DVD album at Brethren-In-Christ Church (BICC), Nguboyenja branch, last week on Sunday. 

Precious Melodies music director Bhekimpilo Tshuma revealed that it was the first time to have a musical group from the church recording a live DVD.

“In the history of BICC there is no musical outfit that recorded a live DVD. This means that we are the trendsetters as we have broken new ground,” he said.

The gospel outfit has four albums under its belt and is made up of 20 members.

The group has since decided to keep up with the pace of technological advancement by doing a live recording.

Tshuma expressed joy saying the initiative would make them reach a wider audience.

“The live DVD which we recorded on Sunday last week at our church carries our old and new songs. We had to come up with this decision after our fans made a passionate plea for us to record a DVD. As a result we decided to break away from the tradition of recording audios only and recorded a DVD album which carries 10 songs. I believe this will help us reach a  wider audience,” said Tshuma. 

During the live recording tracks such as Amandla,Ngikhalela wena, Umthandazo uligugu and Ngifuna ukumazi gripped the hearts of the church members and invited guests as they sang along.

The gospel outfit has gained much experience as it has been in the game for almost two decades in which they managed to churn out four albums — Makabongwe (2005), Udumo kuwe, (2008), Ukubhekile (2012) and Wozani kuJesu(2017). 

Despite the humble beginnings, the outfit feels they have a lot to offer in the music industry.

“We started off as a church gospel outfit where we would sing songs at our church. We then formed our group in 2001. After that we kept singing in the church up until 2005 where we then decided to come up with our first album and we never looked back since then,” he said.

He added: “Above all our intention is to spread the word through our music.”

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