Power of having Valentine’s everyday

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Power of having Valentine’s everyday


Nhlalwenhle Ncube 

HAVING to wait for 365 days to really feel loved and appreciated isn’t healthy for any relationship. Life is too short and therefore the “secret” to keeping your partnership strong and healthy is to treat each day as if it is Valentine’s Day.

I have realised that each person knows what’s expected of her in a relationship and if only they could do that everyday and not only on Valentine’s Day, being in love would be one of the greatest achievements.

Just imagine the mood you wake up in on 14 February, if only it was a daily thing. On that day, you want to look your best as you expect a surprise from him and on the other hand you are planning to surprise him as well. It’s all smiles in the house because you are both feeling lovey dovey. If only you had such an attitude towards each other everyday, happiness would all be yours. Just knowing that you will have a romantic dinner with your partner is more than enough to fill you with extra energy to accomplish everything you have to do!

It is on this day when you are told you are the most amazing woman and loved. Those few words make a big difference, if only he knew the power of those words, he would tell you everyday, not once a year. On this day you also realise how sexy and beautiful he makes you feel just by looking at you. You let him know just how much you love and appreciate him and how lucky you feel for having him in your life. What a sweet life which is everyone’s dream!

Unfortunately time on Valentine’s Day flies by as if it was only for a few minutes. The next morning, Valentine’s Day is over and life continues on its normal course. Time passes so quickly. Days spin into weeks. Weeks breeze into months. Why only wait for a single day to celebrate your union?

Although the bond between you and your partner is still strong, you have noticed that all your responsibilities and daily routines have taken a slight toll on your relationship. Sometimes you can’t shake the feeling that something is different between the two of you. The little details, once so important in your relationship, have taken a back seat to the daily grind of life and routine. When you finally have time to spend alone with each other, both of you are so exhausted that all you want to do is eat, watch TV and go to bed. The once ever-so-passionate kisses become a scarce commodity.

Unfortunately, most relationships start to fade with time. Partners stop making each other their top priority and the little acts of tenderness seem to diminish daily. But relationships can stand the test of time. The “secret” to keeping your partnership strong and healthy is to treat each day as if it were Valentine’s Day. Can you imagine what would happen if you made your relationship top priority? What shape would it be in if you both paid attention to all the small details every day? The fact that you share a “good” relationship today is no guarantee that it will be solid in the future, not even if both of you have sworn eternal love for each other. No relationship is guaranteed, not even if you are married with children.

Think of your relationship as if it were a beautiful garden full of colourful flowers, well-trimmed bushes and bountiful fruit trees. All the time and effort you spent on your garden planting, watering, removing weeds have to pay off. Your beautiful garden needs constant care. If you stop paying attention to all the little things it needs daily, the weeds will grow and take over it. After that, it won’t be long before your plants dry up, your bushes get out of control and your trees stop bearing fruit. The good news is that you can avoid this. If you want your partnership to flourish over time, treat each other as if every day was Valentine’s Day. 

As a woman, always fix yourself and get sexy for your man everyday. One of the mistakes done by some women is thinking that once they are married, they do not have to look sexy. Make him jealous and want you to be by his side all the time. Truth be told, some men are ashamed to take out their wives out for dinner because they are clumsy and have turned out to be something else.

Always take care of yourself and stay sexy!

It always feels good to get messages reminding you of how much you are loved and appreciated for what you do. Communicate with your husband and tell him sweet news. Do not be that kind of woman when he sees your call or message, he definitely knows there is something wrong or it’s just an order to bring this and that.

The other important thing is to maintain your friendship. Be your partner’s best friend and have fun. Have romantic activities as you please, not only once a year. This will keep you closer to each other. The more you spend more time together, you get to know what each of you expects. Avoid assumptions! Be sure that you are doing what he actually wants (not what you think he wants), and also, tell him what you want. Unfortunately, one of the main reasons most women feel frustrated in their relationships is because they always have this thing in mind of saying, “If he loved me, he would know what I want.” But how can he guess what’s on your mind if you not close? It’s your job to tell him. If you don’t, you will most likely become unsatisfied because you are not getting your needs met. It only takes one partner to help ensure a fulfilling relationship.

Remember, the small details that you do — or don’t do — will greatly impact the quality of your relationship. So get busy doing something nice for your partner and remember the importance of expressing yourself! Treat him well and treat every day as Valentine’s Day.

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