Power in humbleness

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A humble woman is hot!
Most sisters love it when we talk of sexual issues, but remember that your sex life is not the only important factor in a marriage, but the list is endless and top of the list is humility.

A humble woman is no less physically beautiful than the arrogant one. Most times, the humble ones easily win the hearts of men compared to arrogant beautiful women.

Relationship experts say women destroy their own marriages because they are not humble. Being humble does not mean you are stupid. But it’s about being respectful. Know that humility contributes to marital bliss!

Humble women will acknowledge their weaknesses.

Do not ever think you are a perfect woman. When you have wronged your man, apologise, you will not lose anything.

Humble people also know when they have hurt their spouse and admit it. They take responsibility for their actions, especially in conflict situations.

I know a number of women believe men should be the ones apologising even if they are not wrong, just to make up. Gone are those days sisters.

Humility tempers our urge to puff ourselves up over our gifts or tear ourselves down for our shortcomings!

When you are a humble woman, you will put your partner first. A humble woman does not want things to be done her way all the time.

Do not ever enjoy dragging your man by the nose because you are inviting trouble for yourself.

He also needs to feel good as much as you do. The problem with most women is that they think they are the only ones who need attention in a relationship.

Get it right, your partner also needs to be showered with love. Humility is woven into expressions that subtly say: “You count.”

When there’s hurt in a marriage two things should happen.

The offender needs to admit it and apologise and the person offended needs to offer forgiveness. When we don’t offer forgiveness, the hurt turns to anger, resentment, and possibly rage.

A humble woman will forgive and I cannot say forget because it is difficult to.

If you forgive someone, you do not need to bring up the issue when you have arguments like what most people do.

If you find yourself doing that, then you would not have forgiven him. Forgive him in your heart, not with just words.

Respect gives a man the belief that he can do hard things. It helps reduce fear of failure and of being inadequate.

Look for opportunities to show your husband honour and build him up. Respect is an unearned gift!

You are not supposed to be adversaries in a relationship. You are supposed to complement each other.

Get in the habit of observing and recognising all the excellent things that he brings to the relationship. This will stop you being so self-absorbed.

Some women have a problem of thinking they know it all.

Always understand that your husband has something to teach you. You are never the finished product.

No person can ever claim to have learnt everything in life and has no need to continue to grow.

Relationships are one of the best teachers, as they hold a mirror up to your flaws and cause you to address your shortcomings.

Be open to what you might learn from your partner and learn from the relationship itself. You don’t know it all and learning these lessons will make you a better person.

Also teach yourself to talk less and listen more. Women have the stereotypical image of talking too much but it’s not always true.

When communicating, choose the right tone and words. Don’t just listen to the words but actually hear him knowing that his point of view is equally valid.

I know being humble is one of the biggest challenges in life. Someone is asking herself how she can be humble while the partner is violent and not responsible.

Believe me, it is in those times when you submit to your partner that it will affect them the most.

There are situations when your partner comes home mad or in a terrible mood expecting you to yell back at him, but if you do not and remain calm, he will immediately come back to his senses.

Even those with in-laws from hell, being humble helps you win the wars as someone will realise you deserve fair treatment, not drama.

Learning to be humble is like any other skill.

You have to start small, make progress bit by bit and get better over time. Sisters, be humble and enjoy the benefits!
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