Pop star fights depression

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Pop star fights depression Kwezi


Bret Kamutenga.

Afro pop star Khwezi uses music to fight depression and break the stigma surrounding mental health.

BULAWAYO artiste Khwezi, real name Zibusiso Johane Ndlovu, who is set to take over the music scene in the country with his soulful voice said he was using music to fight depression and help break the stigma surrounding mental health.

Khwezi (26) said he adopted his stage name after he experienced a traumatic situation in his life.

“I adopted the name Khwezi because it means the brightest morning star, this helped me get through some traumatic situations I went through in my life,” said Khwezi.

He recently performed at Spring Fiesta where he opened for MJ Sings and he captivated the audience when he went on stage with chains around his hands.

“The main reason for that performance was that I am deeply rooted into depression and mental health.  I am battling these forces so music is my escapism from all these situations I have faced. This is more of an awareness approach, in my own view,” said Khwezi.

He said he wanted people to resonate with his music so that when they hear it they can also see their life through his craft.

The artiste focuses on Afro pop and Soul music to connect with people emotionally via love songs or mellow music.

He said his family influenced his love for music and it had laid the foundation for his music career.

“My family laid the foundation for my music career because at home we related every situation to music either we are happy or sad, we would sing, so this groomed me to become an artiste,”added Khwezi.

His performances captivate the audience as he uses props on stage.

“I am in love with theatrical arts even though I’m not an actor but I use props in my performances,” said Khwezi.

The artiste expressed his own thoughts on Bulawayo music getting on to the main stages.

“There is no proper channel or strategy on putting out music which is a big problem why some of the music does not reach the audience, so if you are lucky enough to have a solid team your music will reach the crowd and you’ll make it,” Khwezi said.

The Khuza hit maker said that Nigerian artiste and South African Afro pop artiste such as Aubrey Qwana influenced his sound.

Khwezi promises his fans an Extended Play (E.P) called Seasons.

“The project has been four years in the making and it is now 95 percent done. We are hoping to drop it probably at the end of November or early December. The project will consist of eight songs,” added Khwezi.

 He shared some of the people he would love to feature on his songs in future.“I aspire to feature artists such as Zahara and Ami Faku from South Africa and locally I hope to work with people like Suhn and Tanto Wavie because their sound is so unique and different,” said Khwezi.

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