Police fret about rampant theft of copper cables

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Police fret about rampant theft of copper cables


Danisa Masuku 

 POLICE in Bulawayo are worried about rampant theft of copper cables in the city which have resulted in loss of life and plunged many homes into lengthy darkness.

A police source close to investigations said they had noted with concern that almost every day copper cables were stolen in the city.

The source said last week on Monday 150 metres of copper cables valued at $900 were stolen from Luveve suburb. 

He said on the same day 200 metres of copper cables valued at $600 were stolen from Ngozi Mine squatter camp. 

Thieves attacked  Richmond  suburb  last  week  on Friday  and  got  away  with 100 metres  of  copper  cables  and   attacked another  area in the  same suburb and stole 700 metres copper cables valued at $4 200.

Last week an unidentified man was electrocuted while attempting to cut Zesa cables in Bulawayo’s Burnside suburb.

The man, who had already cut 80 metres of copper cables, was electrocuted when power was restored while he was busy cutting the cables.

On Thursday 400 metres of copper cables were stolen at Gumtree. A police report was made at Hillside police station.

The source said most of the cases were reported to Zesa officials and the police.

“ Last  week 300 metres  of copper  cable  were  stolen  from  Nguboyenja  suburb, Entumbane  was attacked  last week on Friday  but  we  have  not yet  got  the  report  from  Zesa  officials on how  much  was  stolen,” he said.

Acting Bulawayo police spokesperson Assistant Inspector Nomalanga Msebele said: “We are worried about the rampant theft of copper cables. Bulawayo has been hard hit by theft of copper cables. We receive such cases almost every day. We would like to urge  members  of the  public  to  know the scheduled load-shedding times, anything  outside  scheduled  times they  should  report to police or Zesa  officials. 

They  should also report suspicious  people  who mill around  Zesa power lines by contacting  police on toll free NetOne  number 110 or (09)885479.” 

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