‘Peter Moyo dribbles past Covid-19 to win love in Bulawayo’

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‘Peter Moyo dribbles past Covid-19 to win love in Bulawayo’ Peter Moyo receiving a piece of cake from his sister-in-law during the lobola ceremony


Gibson Mhaka
WITH coronavirus cases rising in the country, and the virus dubbed a new worldwide marriage crasher, Covid-19 robbed musician Peter Moyo of so much when he paid lobola for his long-time UK-based lover Caroline Rutendo Makamache in her absence on Saturday.

Although he initially dismissed lobola payment rumours which had social media in a buzz over the weekend saying the event was held early this year, the Utakataka Express leader happily confirmed to B-Metro that the event indeed took place on Saturday at Makamache’s family home in Bulawayo’s Parkview suburb.

Payment of dowry or lobola is a significant element of marriage in the African culture.

Moyo, who was also reluctant to reveal how much he was charged expressed his undying love to Makamache saying: “It feels good to be married to someone you love so much.”

He added: “I can’t say much for now, I will do that later and people should respect me for that.”

He, however, remained tight-lipped when asked if there was a wedding on the cards.

According to an insider, the stay-at-home order that has led to many marriage plans being put on hold could not stop Moyo as he refused to postpone the dowry payment until an arrangement was made that he could do it in Caroline’s absence.

“Both families were happy with the arrangement and Carol’s family was happy to have Peter as their mkhwenyana (son-in-law),” an insider told B-Metro.

The insider, however, dismissed rumours that the two fell in love through Facebook and that they had never met before.

Photos in possession of B-Metro show Moyo looking at a cake, being cut by Caroline’s sister who was reportedly representing her and behind him there is a poster with a love heart message which reads: “Welcome to our Roora Day, Caroline and Peter”, an indisputable evidence that the two are now an item or have customarily married.

Moyo’s affair with Caroline got tongues wagging two years ago when the latter bought a BMW car as a birthday present for her lover.

Since then the two have been posting their sweet moments on social media.

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