Peace order against child molester

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Peace order against child molester


Danisa Masuku
A WOMAN from Bulawayo’s Old Magwegwe suburb has been granted a peace order against her former husband after she allegedly caught him fondling her daughter’s breasts and buttocks.

The woman and the man cannot be named so as to protect the identity of her minor who is 12 years old.

The short-lived marriage which lasted two years ended last year after the woman in question caught her former lover fondling her daughter’s breasts and buttocks.

After being caught red-handed, the man made a grovelling apology to his former lover. Luckily the woman forgave him and ultimately ended their affair.

The man now visits them at their home and also during the woman’s absence.

The woman abhors seeing her former lover around her daughter as she feels the man would end up raping her. And she has tried on several occasions to stop him from visiting them, but without any success.

The woman said: “I am applying for a peace order against my former lover whom I caught fondling my 12-year-old daughter’s breasts and buttocks.

“After I caught him, he apologised passionately and asked me not to report him to the police and I had to forgive him. What troubles me now is that he visits us at home. At times he comes to my home while my daughter would be alone at home and I fear that he would end up raping my daughter.

“ I have tried to talk to him so that he stops coming to my home but he disregards my pleas.”

The woman added: “May this court grant me a peace order to bar him from coming to our home.”

The presiding magistrate Jeconia Prince Ncube granted the woman a peace order and ordered the man not to visit the woman at her home.

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