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Papa Penny wants his fans to know he’s not been bust and they must ignore requests to pay money into his account!

The famous entertainer and reality TV star said scammers were asking for money using his social media networks.

He said his phone number, WhatsApp, Facebook and Instagram were hacked.

“Since Monday, I’ve been getting calls every day from people asking me why I was arrested,” he said.

“The scammers have been telling people I’ve been arrested and I need money for bail. They ask for amounts ranging from R3 500 to R4 500.

‘On Facebook, they tell people I’m hosting a heritage show next month and they should pay R4 500 to be part of it.’

“They also ask for money on my Instagram. I’m not doing a show and I’m not arrested.”

He said he believed people had been robbed of more than R20 000.

“It’s very sad. Some people have paid because they love Papa Penny but how can Papa Penny ask for money? People mustn’t fall for this scam. It’s not me!” he said.

“When my people ask these perpetrators if they can call them, they tell them not to call and just send money.

“This is not a nice thing as it’s costing people a lot of money.

I’m sorry for anyone who’s lost money.”

He said even his overseas friends had been getting requests to send money in dollars and pounds. He said he opened a case at the Giyani Police Station.

“We will find the people who did this. People must know I created new accounts and I now use Papa Penny Penny on Facebook and Instagram.”

Limpopo police spokesman Colonel Moatshe Ngoepe confirmed a fraud case was opened at Giyani cop shop.

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