Pamellah opens up on heartbreaks

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Pamellah opens up on heartbreaks Pamela Magariro


Langalakhe Mabena
Gwanda-bred Afro-fusion songbird Pamela Magariro also known as Pamellah in the local music circles is a woman who has had an equal share of relationship highs and lows.

Umjolo the pandemic as it were, is unforgiving to many and heartbreaks are the order of the day.

As bad as it is, someone had to address this issue of toxic relationships and that person had to be Pamellah.

She shared her experience of a heartbreak on her latest single titled Ngilibele.

Ngilibele translates to being relaxed.

She said a past toxic relationship inspired her to open up and share her experiences and position concerning Umjolo.

“Everyone has a heartbreak experience, so I thought why not share my past experiences concerning relationships and its flaws and follies through the musical art, this is how Ngilibele was composed,” said Pamellah.

She said a lover took advantage of her when she was young.

“When we met, I was very young. In the first phase of our love affair, I never thought I could live my life without him. He was so good at hiding things from me.

“After making me believe, he started acting weird and started not giving me time. His excuse was that he would be busy at work.

“Time passed with me believing his excuses only to realise he was cheating on me with his workmate. They now have kids and they are married,” said Pamellah.

She gave credit to the producers Zie and KudaKay for helping her come up with a great product that permits her to connect with her experiences.

“My producers are fun to work with. I have that good connection with both of them musically. That makes everything easy for me as I can express myself anyhow around them.

“They understand the style of production I want and this makes it easy to encode the kind of message I want to send to my followers,” said Pamellah.

Apart from Ngilibele, Pamellah is working on an Extended Play (EP). It is set to be released before the year ends.

She described her upcoming effort as a fusion of Afro Jazz, Reggae, House and Dancehall.

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