Palace Hotel, Winderemere redefining hospitality

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Palace Hotel, Winderemere redefining hospitality


Keith Mlauzi

Palace Hotel and Winderemere have become household names by offering recreational facilities for families and individuals. 

Palace Hotel, which is located in the central business district of Bulawayo, has a garden where a number of recreational activities are held. 

Motion Kubvorumo, the acting manager, said they were striving very hard to create a unique brand for both Palace and Winderemere by offering facilities that could accommodate people from different walks of life. 

“Our aim is to create a unique brand for our business which is to provide recreational facilities for different people from all walks of life,” said Kubvorumo.

True to Kubvorumo’s words Palace Garden hosts different bands every weekend.

“We bring in bands and musicians to entertain our clients almost every week. We noticed that most of our customers do love our shows,” he added. 

Kubvorumo said they would be bringing in more different artistes so as to attract more people.

“In the near future we want to bring in more and different artistes, we want to make Palace a great home of entertainment where everyone will feel welcome,” he said.

On weekdays Kubvorumo says their customers can still come over and enjoy their hospitality.

“We have affordable beer and we bought some snooker table where our customers can always relax and enjoy snooker games with affordable cold drinks,” he added.

Speaking on behalf of Winderemere, a sister joint to Palace Hotel, he said it was another place providing recreational facilities that were almost similar to those at Palace though with a unique feel.

“We have Winderemere which is our sister joint; we offer recreational facilities which involve braai space,” Kubvorumo said.

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