Older women torment Uzalo actor

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Older women torment Uzalo actor Thobani Nzuza


ALL Thobani Nzuza (26) wants is some peace.

The actor said he wasn’t interested in older women. “They should not dream about me,” said Thobani, who is from Umlazi, south of Durban. He plays Khehla on SABC1’s Uzalo. On the soapie he dates his mastandi, Gabisile, who is married to his father Qhabanga.

Thobani told Daily Sun that people thought he liked older women, but that wasn’t true.

He said women were proposing to him thinking he’d be interested, just like in the soapie.

“I don’t ask older women out. When they tell me they like me, I just laugh and keep quiet. I’m too young for older women.”

The former eHostela actor said he didn’t have a girlfriend and was waiting for the right person.

He started acting in 2009 and joined Uzalo in October.

“It’s wonderful. I work with great actors like Wiseman Mncube, whom I worked with on eHostela.” he said.

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