Of Novuyo Seagirl, Jah Prayzah and The Boo Boys

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Of Novuyo Seagirl, Jah Prayzah and The Boo Boys Seagirl


I swear there is no real contract between the three. But one cannot ignore the uneasy relationship that comes with it, each time they are in contact. Maybe let me start this piece with a brief background of the involved parties and their playing field. Jah Prayzah and Seagirl are artistes from Harare and Bulawayo respectively. 

The boo boys could be anyone of us, maybe let’s just say art lovers who are particular about what they want or who they are there to watch. Bulawayo will in this case be the playing field.

I will not make the mistake of ignoring the boo boys. Boo boys have ended careers and started revolutions. Boo boys have also buoyed some athletes into performing better. Take professional footballers for example, Raheem Sterling, Cristiano Ronaldo, Balloteli and Van Persie have been on the receiving end of the boo boys. Nine out of 10 times they have shone brighter than a diamond, sometimes even to the admiration of the boo boys. Anyway this is not a football column, let’s revert to the issue at hand.

In a space of about two months Jah and Seagirl have clashed two times (Maybe clashed is too dramatic). The two were booked together at the ZITF Shutdown in April and just recently at the Econet show at City Hall. At both shows there were other artistes and at both shows Seagirl performed after Jah Prayzah. Now guess what? At both shows the local audiences booed our local girl Seagirl. But why guys? This is probably the hottest artiste from this end having been nominated for Skyz Metro awards, Nama and Star FM awards. She won two of those and is nominated for three awards at the upcoming Roil Bulawayo Arts Awards.

Yet twice the crowd has booed her and guess what, twice she has reacted. Now here is the question, how should we as creatives handle the boo boys? How do we turn lemons into lemonade? Are we as creatives allowed to be human? Are we allowed to be hurt? Are we allowed to react? On the first show, Seagirl responded by saying “shame on you for not supporting your own, anyway I got my F****ng money in my purse”. On the second show a fortnight ago, she pretty much sang along to the song by boo boys (into ‘yenzayo siyayizonda).

I then watched her on a Sunday at the Dumiso Dabengwa Foundation Fund Raiser. Her introduction was “yimi uNovuyo Seagirl wangkhona”. Is she wearing a bad girl tag? Is she being targeted? I have always said I keep learning in the arts. The jury is out there. Many local artistes have been booed out there, talk of Jeys Marabini and Asaph among others. I would like though to especially appreciate the lemonade by Seagirl. She has a new song titled In My Purse and damn it’s a banger. It’s pretty much a response to the boo boys. Thank you for allowing me to ask questions, hope one day I get answers. Until next week, be safe. 0772214373 @nkuenkala

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