Nyathi on Spirit of Praise

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Nyathi on Spirit of Praise Canaan Nyathi


Langalakhe Mabena

South Africa-based award-winning gospel muso Canaan Nyathi returned for the second year as part of Spirit of Praise, as the ensemble recorded their ninth full length offering at a sold-out gig on 27 May at Sun Bet Arena Time Square in Pretoria, South Africa.

Gospel creatives who made it to Spirit of Praise 9 include Takie Ndou, Ayanda Ntanzi, Dumi Mkokstad, Mmatema Gavu, Omega Khunou, the Dube Brothers, Women In Praise, Phindi Phewa, and Mpumi Mtsweni.

New recruits for the ensemble are Xolisa Kwinana, Sindi Ntombelo, Keneiloe Hope as well as Tapelo Molomo who won Idols South Africa in 2022.

Nyathi contributed two songs to the album, Ngena Nathi (Lord Enter with Us) and Sikhalela Kuwe (We Cry unto You)/Kufeziwe (It’s Accomplished).

Nyathi said it was awesome that he returned as part of the group.

“It feels good to be back with the Spirit of Praise. It means that I am still recognised and that I am still in the season and fit to be reckoned with the ensemble. Spirit of Praise is huge in Africa and it’s every gospel artiste’s dream to be part of, so being here definitely shows that I am still relevant to the gospel and the people.

Canaan Nyathi with Benjamin Dube

“I contributed two songs to the project. The first one is Ngena Nathi, which was written asking God to be with us in every situation that we experience, be it good or bad. We have seen Him being with us during Covid-19 and we conquered the pandemic because of His guidance, so He will always help us as long as we put Him in the forefront.

“I reference the song with a scene from the Bible when God entered the fire just to be with Shadrack, Meshack and Abednego and he saved them from burning.

“On Sikhalela Kuwe/Kufeziwe, I make it clear that I have found a friend in Jesus, a friend I will put everything unto Him. When we call His name, He always answers us. Therefore, the song emphasises that our sins were washed by His blood meaning our fight with Satan was accomplished,” said Nyathi.

Nyathi said the album and the DVD would be released at the beginning of August before they start their tour with a show in Durban ICC Arena on 2 September.

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