Nowhere to hide for cop . . . Police officer flees to a toilet for safety

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Nowhere to hide for cop . . . Police officer flees to a toilet for safety Priviledge Chikova


Danisa Masuku 

In a dramatic incident a police officer  stationed at Bulawayo Central Police Station hid in a toilet after he was pummelled and violently pushed against a guard room wall.

Prayford Masunda (28,) employed as a security guard at Manor Hotel had reportedly handcuffed two unknown male adults while assaulting them.

Priviledge Chikova (33) tried to restrain Masunda from bashing the two men with a baton stick. He never knew that he was courting trouble. The intervention did not go down well with Masunda. It is said Masunda swiftly grabbed Chikova  by the neck before he violently pushed him against the guard room wall.  As if that was not enough he reportedly head butted him while shouting obscenities at him. As he charged to mete out instant justice on him an unidentified male patron restrained him. 

Chikova made a hasty retreat to the toilet where he locked himself inside.

It is said while in the toilet he phoned a colleague who came and took him. He made a report at Bulawayo Central Police Station leading to the arrest of Masunda. Masunda appeared before magistrate Ulukile Mlea-Ndlovu facing an assault charge.

He pleaded not guilty.

“Your worship, I deny that I headbutted  him resulting in him bleeding from the mouth  and  nose. He tried to arrest me but I refused  because I assumed he was not a police officer  since he was not in police uniform,” said Masunda.

He was remanded out of custody to next week on Wednesday for judgment.

Nathan Marime appeared for the State.

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