Not sexy sound, but normal

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Not sexy sound, but normal


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THE adult game is weird, messy and funny. There will always be smells, sounds and fluids which means during the game there are some things which will make you feel embarrassed, but are definitely out of your control.

I’m talking of vaginal farts which are also known as queefs. It does happen during sex and some women really feel embarrassed when they hear the sound during the game. You have to relax, it’s normal and there are certain sex positions which come with vaginal farting. Anyone with a vajayjay will confess that at some point it happened to her.

All you have to understand is that vaginal farting is not the same with farting as it is not smelly and happens following what is happening in your vajayjay. Most women get embarrassed because they have been made to believe that vaginal farting is a sign that their cookie jar is very big and too watery.

Let’s clear one thing up right away; the clear and obvious distinction is that a fart is gas coming out of your butt and vaginal fart describes the little sound of air rushing out of your vajayjay. Still, the two air poofs share a lot in common as they have similar sounds, come from the same general region and are both unwelcome. Vaginal farting happens to everyone at some point or another especially during the doggy style and at the height of passion.

Vaginal farts happen when air works its way into the vajayjay canal and then escapes, sometimes making a farty toot-toot sound as it passes back out through the opening. It is normal because it’s caused by plain old air. It usually happens during that silent moment because something like the one-eyed monster can easily push air up there. Your vajayjay also expands when you are turned on, which makes more room for air and vaginal moistness, which increases during the game and causes that ‘‘poot poot poot’’ sound.

Because life is unfair and you frankly have very little control over your body’s functions, this does mean that your sexiest moments are also the moments when your vajayjay is most likely to let out a big fart sound. But there’s nothing abnormal about letting out air during sex.

When you have that partner who believes it’s offside, educate him because he is the one who has caused all that. 

Men also have to understand that vaginal farting is an involuntary bodily function that occurs when air is pushed into the vajayjay, gets temporarily trapped in the folds of the vaginal canal (called rugae) and is then released. As you are all aware, sex can involve a lot of thrusting of the one-eyed monster in and out of the vajayjay, typically pushing extra air into a dead-end space.

This explains how it is not something to be ashamed of and it’s normal. Certain sex positions, like doggy style where your pelvis is tilted upwards or abruptly switched from one position to another may increase the likelihood of vaginal farting. So if you are unfortunate and your partner does not understand the vaginal farting theory then limit him when it comes to sex positions until he gets to understand it.

Truth be told, there is not much you can do to stop vaginal farting in its tracks. You can’t just “hold it in” like you would a fart. If you try to contract the vaginal canal to prevent air from coming in, it can cause sex to be more painful.

You can only try and control vaginal farting by doing Kegel exercises. Though it’s normal, it doesn’t have to be a daily thing — it becomes unsexy. You can also lessen it by keeping the manhood inside you while you change positions because it gives air less opportunity to get into the vajayjay.

Vaginal farting stigma is due to lack of understanding the difference between release of air from the vajayjay and farting. It is normal, common and not anything to be ashamed of. Embracing the awkwardness of the moment can even make sex more enjoyable for both partners.

The bodies make funny noises sometimes and the more you can laugh about these kinds of things, the more fun you have during sex.When it happens you have two choices: ignore that deflating balloon sound completely or quickly acknowledge it and move on. It’s a personal preference, but I think it’s better to just ignore it as you are both adults and know better. Never lose concentration wondering if your partner heard it. It’s a game of sounds, he also made one.

The only time you can be worried about vaginal farting is when it has a foul odour. It could be an indication of a vaginal infection.

But there’s nothing abnormal about vaginal farting because air is a gas and the nature of gases is that they fill their containers. Sometimes that container just happens to be your cavernous vajayjay. Rather than changing your sex life just to avoid a brief moment of potential  embarrassment, just give your partner a heads-up that it might happen! Communication is key, bond over laughing about some things which happen during sex. Truly, it’s totally normal and nothing to worry about.

If you stress yourself, you will tighten your vajayjay and make it too dry. At the end of the day  you will not enjoy the adult game as you try to do the impossible!

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