Not all men are complicated

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Not all men are complicated


Nhlalwenhle Ncube-Sithole

COMPLICATED creatures?

Some women have been made to believe that men are complicated creatures and this has affected their relationships so much that they cannot even try to make things work well with that harsh judgment in their minds. Yes, it’s a harsh one because not all of them are complicated, just play your part by being adventurous, loving and respectful.

Honestly, if as a woman you are not careful and just because your relatives or friends had bad experiences in their marriages and you start subscribing to the idea that all men are complicated, then you will miss out or spoil the good union you have. People are different, same applies to relationships. You just have to stay in your lane and make yourself the irresistible woman for your partner.

On top of the list is understanding your man and this is a secret to a great relationship.

Understanding men can be very tedious, because most of the times men are reluctant to speak about their desires and needs in intimate relationships. But does that mean their desires and needs should remain unsatisfied.

Absolutely not. As a woman it’s your prime responsibility to look after his needs and desires without being told to do so. And that’s what men want in a relationship and if you fail to fulfil his needs, he will have a hard time with you so just understand him. It’s the small things that make men happy.

Some have rushed to conclude that men are complicated after they see them leaving a beautiful woman staying in a mansion just to be with an “ordinary” woman renting a one-roomed house. There will be something missing which could be respect, love or care. Check it out, something will be wrong.

Now the question is how to understand men.

To be honest understanding men is not as difficult and complicated as some have been made to believe. Men need love just like women do. They aren’t truly happy unless they are in a satisfying relationship with a woman who really cares about them. It’s important to show that you care and love your man regularly as it will really go a long way in keeping your relationship balanced.

Don’t ever try to push him hard for things he’s not ready to give and more importantly never ever try to change him just for your happiness. Nothing is more attractive to a man than a woman who understands him and this is a key ingredient that keeps a man interested in a woman for life.

Men always want to be with a woman on their will and not out of desperation. If you are a confident woman any man would choose to be with you on his will and not out of desperation.

I must tell you, don’t let your lack of confidence ruin your relationship with your man. You must learn the art of being confident, confidence is the key to your success in a relationship with a man.

Of course for some women confidence is a natural thing, but for some with low self-confidence it can be scary. But the fact is that feeling that you are not enough and you lack something in you, that feeling that no matter what you do, it will always make you feel scared as if you are lacking something even when you are actually doing your best.

Being confident is really about being yourself and giving to YOURSELF first. And if you are not giving to yourself first, then you cannot possibly give to a man. Confidence is not for making other people love and admire you more.

It’s about gifting yourself with confidence so that you can approach your love life with more to bring to the table and that’s what men want in a relationship with women they love.

Respect is the key factor that can make or break a relationship, it’s because men equate respect with love. In fact “men crave respect even more than they crave love” as respect is directly connected to a man’s ego.

Not respecting your man is as good as hurting his male ego. The respect principle is the binding factor in the context of his relationship with you.

Men feel disrespected far more often than you might think. That’s because they hardly tell others when they feel disrespected. Instead, they just pull away. Respecting your man is not about gliding around his delicate ego. In fact it’s the secret language of love you can use to beautify his feelings of attraction toward you and get amazing results with him.

But I want to elaborate this point of respect principle a little bit more. Men are not all equal and not all of them deserve your respect. There is an easy way to understand a man who does not deserve your respect. He is the man who does not have a natural desire to respect and honour you with dignity.

A man who is controlling by behaviour will never love you and give respect. No amount of respect will improve your relationship with him. There’s no point in showing respect and love towards such a man. Men value respect, do not treat him like a toddler. That is the same reason you find some men choosing their wives over their mothers because his mother still treats him like a little boy, but the wife treats him like a man.

You know there’s something that drives men crazy and invites them into a passionate and deeper level of “emotional connection” which is a unique thing and that is possible only when you are playful. Men are visual creatures in their mind and they visualise things in their mind and most of the time they fantasise their visual feelings.

Sadly, most women tend to forget this and want to talk their way into a man’s heart. But the truth is that men don’t “feel it” for you because of what you say. It’s not always your words that connects a man to you, it’s the experiences you create with him that count in the long run, walking with him holding hand in hand. You have to make him visualise that experience every now and again to keep him interested. For instance be sporty if he likes football, try to get involved.

I am not saying you start following all his passions and hobbies but show your support.

Also add a little spice of teasing and sarcasm here and there and you will really ramp up the interest and attraction in his heart for you.

Honestly, not all men are complicated or difficult. Play your part and find out for yourself if indeed there are no good and loving men out there. Enjoy being loved and love more.

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